BV Email Verify

Stop wasting time with unverified emails. The BV Email Verify add-on immediately verifies your customer email addresses, helping to weed out incorrect emails and cleanse email data before it enters your SuiteCRM database.

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A quick and better way to detect accurate customer emails

Created by the developers at Brainvire, the Email Verify add-on helps users better manage their contacts by verifying whether email addresses are correct or incorrect. You can apply this add-on to the Accounts, Contacts, and Leads modules in SuiteCRM.

Email Verify will validate your customer’s email address

Users will receive an alert for email validation as soon as they enter the ID in the Accounts, Contacts, or Leads modules.

Benefits of verified email IDs in SuiteCRM:

  • Maximize revenue opportunities
  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase business performance
  • Discover important information about the owner
  • Cleanse email addresses before they enter your database

**Important: register on Verify Email gateway and get API Key: **

Here is the link for both the gateway.
API for App Verify Email gateway
API for Quick Email Verification

Email Verify Configuration

Screenshot from 2020-09-04 14-44-28.png

Screenshot from 2020-09-04 14-44-34.png

Valid Email Address

Screenshot from 2020-01-29 15-10-23.png

Invalid Email Address

Screenshot from 2020-01-29 15-18-55.png

Date and time of the last email verification will be logged in CRM and will be displayed on the detailview of the record

Screenshot from 2020-09-04 15-07-07.png


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