Sidebar Setting Management

The Sidebar Setting Management add-on lets you customize your SuiteCRM sidebar section by showcasing your preferred number of records under the Favorites and Recently Viewed sections. See and easily reference more records right from your sidebar.

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Customize the number of favorites and recently viewed records that appear in your sidebar view

Currently, SuiteCRM only displays the top 5 favorite and recently viewed records on each user’s sidebar section. What if you want to reference or more easily access more than 5 of these record types from your sidebar view?

That’s why the team at Brainvire has created another simple-yet-powerful add-on to customize the SuiteCRM sidebar. Sidebar Setting Management enables you to showcase your preferred number of records in the Recently Viewed and Favorites sections. This add-on helps to overcome the problem of limited records listed.

How it Works

Users can display any number of records based on the maximum value set in the Admin settings, as shown in the configuration below. Once you click on the Sidebar settings, you can see the new page to customize the sidebar sections.


Below, you can see two different options to customize the listing according to your needs. You can customize the Recently Viewed and Favorite sections listings by increasing or decreasing the number of records to be displayed.


The example below shows the final outputs of what is displayed in the sidebar. Designs are auto adjusted if you want to showcase more records.



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