An export to Excel from any list or report of SuiteCRM.


Already tired to open CSV files? Our add-on spares everyone time and export data directly to Excel file! No data re-import from CSV to Excel anymore, everything is easy and quick.

Export from List View to Excel (NO RECORDS LIMIT!)

The best things are the simple things. Just open List View in any module, do search and click on Excel icon. Download of search results will be exported instantly. Download start time depends on how much data were filtered. Our listview export can export 10000 records or more.


Export report to Excel (up to 3000 records)

Did you miss export to Excel in Reports module? Finally, it is here! After our add – on is installed, new button appear above each report in Report module. Click it and all report rows will go to generated Excel report which download will start instantly.
Just a note – if your report is very complicated – using relations between three modules or so and having thousands of records, the export can be slower.
If you need to export more than 3000 records from your report, try to split your report into smaller by filtering it by date or another significant dimension.

Export from report.jpg

Just Simple Excel report

The output with Suite2Excel is the pure Excel file with columns from listview, just what is the most needed!

1 review for Suite2Excel

  1. MD – 9:57 am October 28th, 2019

    New version exports 30K records from listview without any problems.
    We found very useful reports export to Excel. With report export to excel you could do anything with SuiteCRM data.
    Many thanks!

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