SuiteCRM Enterprise-Class Outlook Plugin

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Implicit FrontEnd is an Enterprise-Class Outlook integration solution which enables users to do all their CRM work from within Outlook. By offering a truly exceptional depth and breadth of integration with Outlook, Implicit FrontEnd increases productivity and CRM utilization by facilitating data entry as a natural extension of users’ daily use of Outlook.


Improve Productivity and User Adoption

  • Leverage the ease of use and familiarity of Outlook to increases the adoption of CRM
  • Integrate CRM work seamlessly with your daily use of Outlook.
  • Automate data entry from Outlook to the CRM

Compare to SuiteCRM native Outlook Plugin

10 Reasons to choose Implicit FrontEnd Outlook Plugin

Access your CRM Data Directly from Outlook

  • Access, update and create CRM records: accounts, opportunities, cases etc.
  • Sync Outlook native items: contacts, calendars, tasks
  • Sync your custom CRM modules and custom fields
  • Use either tethered mode for real-time access to CRM data or non-tethered mode
  • Deploy different sync configurations for different teams
  • Sync only the freshest and most relevant CRM data
  • Instantly view the information you need, when you need it and take actions right from your inbox


Email Side-Panel

  • Instantly view pertinent CRM data upon receiving emails from customers
  • View, update or create CRM records: opportunities, cases, meetings, tasks etc.
  • Archive emails by dragging and dropping to any record on side-panel
  • Create a quick note for any CRM record on side-panel
  • View history of all CRM activities
  • Create contact, lead or account from the email
  • Switch between multiple email recipients
  • Snooze emails to convert them to CRM action items


Email Archiving

  • Manual and automatic rule-based archiving
  • Individual emails or complete email conversation threads
  • Drag & drop or advanced archive to multiple CRM records
  • Powerful rule-based email archiving engine
  • System automatically suggests related CRM records to archive to


Rule-Based Email Archiving Engine

  • Create rules to process inbound and outbound emails and perform actions:
  • Archive emails to CRM
  • Convert emails into CRM action items
  • Rules based on: contacts, leads, accounts, email addresses, words/phrases, or email conversations
  • Automatically archive to related CRM records
  • Create rules to automatically convert emails from contacts or leads into action items
  • Automatically create new cases from emails, and archive emails to cases and opportunities’ records
  • Destination records can be determined at run-time based on the specific emails or specified in the rule.
  • Shortcuts to create rules based on selected messages


Email Templates and Mail Merge

  • Enforce unified email templates across teams
  • Utilize CRM Email templates directly from Outlook when composing / replying to customer’s emails
  • Merge CRM data directly with templates
  • Automatically populates CRM data based on email recipients
  • File attachments automatically attached from CRM
  • Verify merged email before sending


CRM Action Items

  • Convert your customers’ emails into action items
  • Never forget to respond to a customer’s email again
  • Increase productivity by streamlining the process of responding to customers’ emails.
  • Organize, prioritize and track responses to emails
  • Automate the process by setting rules
  • Stay on top of important customer interactions by using ‘My Radar’
  • Create your own custom action items lists, e.g.: web site leads, requests for quotes, support emails etc.


Centralized Administration and Configuration

  • Single Sign On Using LDAP
  • All settings can be configured and managed centrally by admin and published separately for each team
  • Dynamic re-configuration as needs change
  • Enforce corporate security policies by configuring which CRM modules can be created / modified via Outlook (in addition to native CRM permissions)
  • Manage users’ FrontEnd licenses
  • Silent network installations of FrontEnd client


Archive Documents directly from within Word, Excel & Acrobat

  • Archive proposals, quotes, contracts and other Office and PDF documents to your CRM right from within Word, Excel and Acrobat.
  • No need to upload documents. Simply select the CRM record to associate with and save. We’ll take care of the rest.
  • Archive any desktop document to your CRM simply by selecting “Send To Implicit FrontEnd”
  • Search and retrieve CRM documents from within Word/Excel


Web Browsers Integration – Access Outlook Functionality from your Web Browser

  • As you work with your CRM via the Web Browser – utilize Outlook to send emails, open and reply to archived emails via Outlook etc.
  • Send meeting invites via Outlook – Utilize Outlook’s powerful calendaring functionality – check availability of colleagues, schedule conference rooms etc.
  • Select CRM records to automatically sync and open in Outlook
  • Single click to switch between viewing records in Outlook and Web browser and vice versa


Full Offline Support

  • Offline access to all CRM data that was previously synced with Outlook
  • Interact with CRM data exactly as you interact with Outlook in offline mode.
  • View, update or create accounts, opportunities, cases, leads etc.
  • Archive incoming emails or send emails and have them automatically queued for CRM archival upon re-connecting
  • All changes are cached locally on your desktop and will be automatically synced upon re-connecting


Supported Platforms

Windows: Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, Office 365

3 reviews for SuiteCRM Enterprise-Class Outlook Plugin

  1. info96 – 2:57 am May 2nd, 2020a year ago

    Really high quality software. Highly recommended. In the end we did not keep it installed past the trial period but that was due to needing to make some changes on our side, nothing at fault with the addon.

    Really good to see such high quality software being created for suitecrm addons.

  2. jim.kramer – 8:11 pm July 18th, 2019a year ago

    All I can say is WOW.

    I have been a sysadmin for over 20 years… so it’s easy for me to recognize a FIRST CLASS product. This is certainly of that caliber. Everything about it is top rate. The installation was very easy. The documentation is well written, and easy to understand. Response to a technical question was answered within 2 hours. We are still getting to know all the advanced features of this add-in, and we are looking forward to getting it in the hands of the sales staff. We are migrating to Suite CRM from Salesforce, and have been using the Outlook plug-in for SF for years. This product is so much better than the SF plug-in (and the sales team has always liked that one).

    Keep up the awesome work!!!!

  3. guens72 – 8:22 am February 18th, 20192 years ago2 years ago

    It’s a very good job. installation is very easy.
    LDAP intégration ask me questions ( it works) but why insert password for twice(in password and LDAP)? what about change of password for the user?
    I have multiple of crash of outlook 2013, I don’t know if it is a add-on problem or if it is outlook or computer problem.
    I had to re-install my computer but it’not time.
    In fonctionnality, this add-on do what we want and more …

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