Customer Portal integrated with SuiteCRM for self-service with client based front-end portal and SuiteCRM at backend.Engage customers to log and manage support cases, bugs on the web,Publish your knowledge base articles from CRM to customer facing portal in FAQs for self service, enables your customers much altered, a smart organization on the Web.


SuiteCRM CUSTOMER PORTAL – A Smart Organization ON THE WEB

Enable Business Much Altered with SuiteCRM Customer portal, Allow all client contacts to log and manage support cases, bugs on the web. Share / publish all your knowledge base articles from CRM on customer portal as FAQs for customer self service.

How it works

A self-service client support portal for front-end that's integrated with SuiteCRM at backend.

Customer Protal .jpg

Let Your Customers have the ability to get real time case updates or submit new issues / create tickets or give feedback. What more they can also find solutions directly from knowledge base…



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