This plugins will help you to create a lead from Website. For example you have a website on which you are taking information of visitor. Then through the webhooks we can pass it to SuiteCRM. It will create a new lead in your SuiteCRM.

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Web to Lead

This plugins will help you to create a lead on your SuiteCRM from your website. You have to create a form on your website and need to send the details of visitor and send it to SuiteCRM with the help of webhooks.

You have to map the website form fields into your SuiteCRM admin panel. Below image is show the configuration panel.

Below screenshot show the lead is created in SuiteCRM.


Administrator user have to go to admin. Then find WebtoLead panel. Click on Web to Lead Settings. And check the checkbox Enable WebtoLead. Uncheck this option if you want to disable this option temporary. Map the website fields with SuiteCRM equivalent fields.

Map Name field if you are getting whole name in your website form. Otherwise map First Name and Last Name field.

Below fields are available in configuration panel.
fname and
1) Name or First Name and Last Name combination
2) Mobile Number
3) Email Id
4) Description


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