Marketing List Ninja

This add on makes managing target lists a breeze in SuiteCRM.Easily create and identify what Target lists your Contacts are subscribed to in SuiteCRM and easily add a contact or lead to any target list in CRM.


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With Marketing List Ninja, you can quickly identify what Marketing Target Lists your Contacts are a part of prior to engaging them or adding them to additional lists.


The Challenge:

In SuiteCRM, there is currently no easy way for a sales or marketing person to be ableto see what marketing lists a contact is subscribed to.As a result, your sales and marketing folks could be blindly marketing and selling to a customer the wrong products and mess up the opportunity to accurately cross sell and upsell new products.

The Solution:

Marketing List Ninja for SuiteCRM creates a panel in your contact record to give you full insight into what lists a contact is subscribed to so that your sales and marketing folks can accurately target, and sell to your existing customers.It also allows you to quickly add them to an existing list right from within the Contact Record.


  • Easily identify what marketing lists and campaigns your customers are subscribed to.
  • Quickly add them to a new list directly from the contact record.
  • Save hours of time segmenting and managing your target lists.
  • Quickly flag their interests by identify all the lists the customer is subscribed to.
  • Quickly determine if they can be added to another marketing list by seeing what they are already subscribed to.
  • Improve your targeting and messaging as you up-sell and cross sell.

Quickly View Marketing Lists within a Contact Record

Marketing List Zoom 1.png

Quickly add a Contact to a Marketing List

Select List A.PNG

Target List Selection 2.png


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