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Notify users whenever they are assigned a record for any module. Configure whether to show a popup notification or an alert in the menu bar. Notifications are an effective way of bringing attention to newly assigned records to users and reduces the chance of losing track of the assignment in an email inbox.

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As you know, SuiteCRM has supported config to send notification via email when you assign a record to another user. From v7.3, SuiteCRM supported more notification is alert, you can check it from header bar. Alerts in the menu bar are an excellent way of calling user’s attention. However, It just supporting alert for activities records. Now, you can use this feature to notify user when you assign for them one record apply for any modules base on you setting when use. Also, It’s show a notification dialog with max delay time is 1min, so alert almost immediate. I think this is a best way to notify to all employees if them are working on your CRM system. Also, I think you can replace the notification to user because sometimes the employee didn’tcan check email immediate. and if use email maybe you need charge some fee to use mail server. It has support your business saved.

Key Features

  • Notification to assigned user when create new or change Owner record
  • Also works great with SuiteP and SuiteR themes from SuiteCRM version 7.3 and up.


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