Save Your Team Countless Hours. SugarChimp syncs your lists in both directions so that you can work in your preferred application. Segment and Group your MailChimp subscribers based on SuiteCRM data so you can market to the right people at the right time. Fully compatible with all versions of SuiteCRM.

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Unlock the Power of Best-in-Class Platforms

Accurate customer data is the lifeblood of any successful marketing program. With powerhouse platforms like SuiteCRM and MailChimp, businesses can produce timely, hyper-relevant campaigns to grow sales and drive more revenue.

With SugarChimp, your customer data lives and flows fluidly between SuiteCRM and Mailchimp, syncing automatically; eliminating the error-prone and time consuming process of manually managing your lists which impedes your marketing efforts and potential earnings. Data is always fresh and available, whether for reporting, segmenting, or personalizing messaging.

Mailchimp – All-in-One Marketing Platform

Mailchimp is the world’s largest marketing automation platform. From small e-commerce shops to big online retailers – Mailchimp helps you to find your audience, engage your customers, and build your brand. Mailchimp makes it easy with their built-for-marketers tools to create automated campaigns, landing pages, predicted demograhpics, remarketing ads, and so much more. Compare Mailchimp to other marketing solutions and see for yourself.

Not using Mailchimp yet? Take a minute and sign up for a free Mailchimp account.and then come back here to start a SugarChimp trial. You can always change your Mailchimp plan later. Mailchimp is free to use for up to 2,000 subscribers.

Meet SugarChimp: The Only Integration Needed for MailChimp and SuiteCRM

SugarChimp works by leveraging the best technology each tool has to offer. Your marketing team needs a top-notch email platform like MailChimp to reach new and existing customers, and your sales team needs SuiteCRM to manage leads through the sales lifecycle. When these programs join forces, your marketing efforts get supercharged.

4 Ways SugarChimp Saves Your Marketing Sanity

Rest assured: with SugarChimp, your data is seamlessly shared and updated between SuiteCRM and MailChimp. It’s a game-changer for your sales and marketing strategies.

  1. Send email campaigns more confidently and accurately, since MailChimp will automatically have the latest data available. Say goodbye to the time-consuming days of manually importing new lists.

  2. Segment and group your MailChimp subscribers based on SuiteCRM data, so you can market more precisely and help increase customer response rates. Your email marketing can get more personalized and more powerful.

  3. Automate your marketing with custom filters. When new leads enter the system, they can be automatically added to your marketing lists based on simple or complex rules you set. Just sit back and relax while new customers are added to the best-fit group.

  4. Promote more effectively using the best of MailChimp’s automation tools. With your data in MailChimp routinely up-to-date, you can easily create automation rules for adding subscribers to drip campaigns and much more.

See What Users Are Saying About SugarChimp

SugarChimp 5 star rating

“SugarChimp is exactly what we needed, it syncs nicely between MailChimp and SuiteCRM. The added MailChimp dashlet is very sophisticated, it’s nice to have that quick-view window when conversing with the customer. Big shout out Chad Hutchins, not only did he help out with the synchronization and work flow between systems, he gave excellent insight and provided helpful tips all around. Works great – thank you!”
– jwetzel

SugarChimp 5 star rating

“SugarChimp does a great job of syncing all of our registrant information between SuiteCMCRM and MailChimp. We have a large number of custom fields that weren’t mapping properly, and they helped get everything set up and working smoothly. They go the extra mile with one-on-one support!”
– Rebekah Sax, Marketing Manager at Fairwinds Community & Resort

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Ready to supercharge your marketing?

Mailchimp and SuiteCRM Solutions Showcase

Our Trust Guarantee

We understand what it is like to be left high and dry by vendors. It is a central reason why we built this marketplace back in 2010 and then SugarChimp. To combat the risk of dealing with a bad vendor, we took several steps to protect you such as by giving you a full 30 day try-before-you-buy period. Learning from our own poor experiences with other vendors, we then set out to create SugarChimp for you and provide support based on our values. Look, we know this stuff is hard, but that is why we are here to help you. We want to see you succeed. We guarantee it.

Key Features

Targeted Marketing – Field Mapping enables you to send more effective email campaigns with super personalized messaging and highly segmented lists.
Automated List Population – Automate your marketing with Custom Filters. When new leads enter the system, they can be automatically added to your marketing lists based on simple or complex rules you set.
Campaign Tracking – Anyone in SuiteCRM, including your sales teams, can view the stats for each campaign to understand the marketing, messaging and/or offers that engage customers and prospects the most.

Always Compatible and Reliable

SugarChimp is always kept up to date with all versions of SuiteCRM.

5-Minute Installation with Easy Set-up

We’ve created a four-minute video that walks new users through set-up from start to finish. That goes along with our extensive online documentation and our YouTube Channel with additional videos to help you get the most out of SugarChimp.

Not Ready to Start a Trial?

We’re happy to help answer all of your questions. Select a time below to schedule a virtual conference with our team:

One-On-One SugarChimp Training

Many companies we’ve worked with have benefitted from our personalized, two-hour training package. This is hands-on training tailored for your company and your users, to help you get the most out of SugarChimp and put you on the path to becoming a SugarChimp Superuser. In this training, we typically cover:

  • How to use MailChimp (create lists, create/send campaigns, segmenting, reporting)
  • How to use SuiteCRM/SugarChimp (setup/installation, sync lists, review dashlets, field mapping)
  • Setup your initial lists and field mapping for you
  • Answer any questions you have along the way

MailChimp and SugarChimp training is free with our SugarChimp Ultimate Plan, or you can purchase training separately.

Have More Questions?

Our team takes customer service very seriously, so we’re here to help! During working hours, we typically respond to customer inquiries within hours minutes. You can reach us by scrolling to the top of this page, clicking the “Learn More” tab and selecting the “Have a Question?” option, or by emailing us at

More Convenient Features

View MailChimp Activity in SuiteCRM
Dashlets for subscriber activity and campaign summary help your teams view and quickly understand campaign performance without leaving SuiteCRM.

Stop Duplicate Data
Unlike other integrations, SugarChimp ensures duplicate subscribers are never added to MailChimp. New subscribers from MailChimp can be automatically added to SuiteCRM, but if a record exists, duplicates will not be created.

Get High-Level API Security
SugarChimp integrates your CRM with MailChimp via an Application Programming Interface (API). This communication over the APIs is secured through encrypted connections. The connection uses the OAuth2 authentication protocol to safely transfer data to Mailchimp.

Create Advanced SuiteCRM Reports on MailChimp Activity Data
MailChimp Activity information gets synced into a SugarChimp Activities module that is included in SugarChimp Professional, so all of your MailChimp email campaign activity data can be reported on using SuiteCRM Reports.

Score Your SuiteCRM Leads using the MailChimp Star Rating Field
Using MailChimp’s Star Rating Field, you can easily identify highly-engaged SuiteCRM Leads so your sales and support teams can properly nurture them and close more sales.

Summary of Features

  • Solves time wasted manually exporting/importing subscribers on every campaign run
  • Bi-directional, always-on integration that syncs target lists in both directions.
  • Syncs All MailChimp List Fields and SuiteCRM Contact/Account/Target/Lead Fields
  • Special support to seamlessly sync MailChimp Dropdown & Radio fields to SuiteCRM Dropdowns
  • Can manage lists in either SuiteCRM or MailChimp
  • Excellent onboarding wizard that gets you set up and running in minutes
  • Supports subscriber opt-out preferences
  • Keeps your data clean. Prevents duplicate subscribers.
  • Re-architected to be massively scalable and efficient
  • Outstanding support built right in
  • See recent subscriber activity from any Contact, Account, Lead, or Target in SuiteCRM
  • View Campaign Summary Reports from within SuiteCRM
  • Sync MailChimp Activity Records into SuiteCRM for full reporting and workflow integration [Pro and Ultimate only]
  • Import MailChimp Rating Field to be used in SuiteCRM for Lead Scoring [Pro and Ultimate only]
  • Automated Syncing [Pro and Ultimate only]
  • Advanced Filter Syncing [Ultimate only]
  • Sync by SQL Query [Ultimate only]
  • Advanced Field Mapping [Ultimate only]
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