Line Items Sortable

This package makes Product Line Items and Service Line Items sortable in Contracts, Quotes, and Invoices modules for SuiteCRM.

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This is a must-have feature for every SuiteCRM installation if you are dealing with Quotes, Contracts, or Invoices.

How many times have you added a product to an Invoice and realized it stands in the wrong order?

We have a solution

Sortable Product and Service Line Items gives you the best user experience and saves time on Line Items creation!

Line Items Sortable.gif

Sorting between Groups

Line Items Sortable Groups.gif

Select which modules to enable/disable

Line Items Sortable Configuration.JPG

Features Included

  • Product Line Items Sortable
  • Service Line Items Sortable
  • Sorting between Groups
  • Works with Quotes, Contracts, and Invoices
  • Select which modules to enable/disable
  • Works for both Groups enabled and Groups disabled mode
  • Group totals automatically calculated once sorted

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